Sewing Machine Sales

Creative Hands 2 is competitive on prices, but buying a machine from us gives you so much more than our best price. Unlike buying online we offer demonstrations on any machine that interests you. Spend some time with us to discuss your sewing needs and try out some of the machines for yourself so that you can make a choice that’s right for you. 

We are also dedicated to providing you with the best possible after-sales service please phone or call in to see us and we’ll do everything possible to assist you with your query. 

Your satisfaction and success is our highest priority. 

We have different categories of machines: mechanical, computerised , embroidery, and combined sewing and embroidery and can explain the features and benefits of each.

Embroidery Machines 

These Machines allow you to sew and create as  you never imagined possible. even if you are a beginner they might be worth considering – once you’ve discovered machine embroidery you’ll be hooked! 

The greatest advantage is that they combine the features of a conventional sewing machine with the creativity of embroidery stitching – in one machine. Come and see us, we will show you what you can achieve, or book one of our creative days or embroidery workshops to get hands on experience.  

If you are particularly interested in machine embroidery, you might also like to take a look at our range of Embroidery only machines.